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Lauren Baker Photography Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities Minnesota Wedding Photographer wedding album

Do you remember going through your parents’ wedding album as a kid? I do. I remember opening the ivory album cover and flipping through page after page of extremely dated 1970s wedding fashion as I looked at the photographs with my parents.

Looking through my parents’ heirloom wedding album not only gave me a glimpse into what life was like when they got married but the act of my parents sharing their photographs with me created an experience and a memory that I’ll never forget. That’s the power of heirloom wedding albums! That’s why it’s still so important to put your digital wedding photographs into a physical heirloom album.

Sure, it’s super great having digital images to share on social media. That’s why I deliver digital images to all of my clients. That said, I wholeheartedly believe wedding photographs should live in the physical form like they did before. Why? For the reason I mentioned above. Taking the time to sit down and look through an album with your children, grandchildren, and friends creates a lasting memory for those with whom you share your heirloom album.

Lauren Baker Photography Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities Minnesota Wedding Photographer wedding album

The one place my clients choose to spend extra money is on their wedding album.

I LOVE creating bespoke wedding albums for my couples! I love it because I get to relive the love and joy of the day. I love it because I get craft the complete story of a couple’s wedding day from start to finish.

My couples love these albums because they’re gorgeous (Shutterfly’s got nothing on these albums), are made with the highest quality materials that will last for years, they come in various sizes, and best yet, my couples don’t have to design them. I know I know…you think you’ll make your wedding album as soon as your wedding photos are delivered. But 99% of the time that doesn’t happen.

Lauren Baker Photography Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities Minnesota Wedding Photographer wedding album

A few days after their wedding, my couples receive a fully designed album from their big day. For many of them, it’s while they’re still on their honeymoon!

What sounds better to you: spending hours pouring over 800+ images to design your own wedding album or relaxing on your honeymoon, sipping yummy drinks with your new husband or wife, and watching a custom designed wedding album slideshow just days after your wedding?

Part of my job as your wedding photographer is to give you a relaxing, easy-going, stress-free experience. And that experience goes beyond your wedding day when I design your wedding album. Each page is meticulously crafted to evoke a visceral experience for everyone who pages through it.

Guest books are another custom heirloom item I happily design for my couples it’s the second place my clients choose to spend extra money.

I take their engagement photos and turn them into a beautiful, unique guest book. My couples love these books because they get to display their engagement photos in a stunning guest book that will also coordinate with their wedding album! Can we say great coffee table displays?!

Whether you design your own wedding album or not, photographs deserve to be held and shown off. Why not put them in an heirloom item that your loved ones can ooh and aah over for generations?

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  1. Tamiflu says:

    Anyone from any era will be able to look at an album, book or printed piece. They won’t need any technology to access these precious moments in time. What a powerful thought!

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