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I love when I’m able to bring one of my team members along to a wedding day as a second photographer. Most of my wedding collections include one because second photographers help me serve my clients better.

While not all of my collections include a second photographer (though they can always be added), and not every wedding needs one, I do think every wedding benefits from have two photographers on site.

Lemme tell you why.

1. We Can Be In Multiple Locations At The Same Time

With two people, we can be in two places at once. This allows us to photograph both your and your fiancé’s side of the wedding day story, therefore lets us tell the complete story of your wedding day.

2. The Same Moment Is Told From Two Perspectives

Image this: we’re about to go into your first look with your soon-to-be spouse. He or she turns around to see you for the first time. With one photographer, we only capture your partner’s reaction. With two photographers, we can capture both of your reactions.

Here’s another example. We’re taking couple photos and I’m taking a wide shot with a wide angle lens. At the same time, my second photographer, who is on a telephoto zoom lens, takes a close up intimate portrait of the same moment. Both photos happen at the same time but tell two completely different romantic stories.

3. You Have More Portrait Time

When there’s a single photographer for a wedding, she’s using 100% of the time photographing everything. With two photographers, we can do two things at once and spend the same amount of time doing those things.

For example: When it’s time to take wedding party portraits, once we’ve taken photos of the entire group we can split into groups: I’ll take the bridesmaids and work for 15 minutes while my second photographer takes the groomsmen. If my second photographer wasn’t there, I’d have to split that 15 minutes between two groups. More time equals more variety and more poses per group.

4. More Images Are Delivered

Because we’re able to photograph multiple locations at the same time, two perspectives at the same time, and have more portrait time with two photographers, you’ll end up with more photos than you would if you just had one photographer photographing your wedding.

5. Two Heads Are Better Than One

It’s somewhat similar to improv troupes in the sense that my second photographer and I can bounce ideas off of each other and make our original ideas better. And heaven forbid we run into a snag, we can help each other out of it. Team work man, ain’t it great?!

What me to photograph your wedding?


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