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Minnesota proposal how he asked

It’s officially proposal season! Are you planning to pop the question to your special someone? Whether you’re just starting to look at rings or you have the perfect ring tucked away and are ready to propose now, these tips will help you make the big moment special, memorable, and hopefully help reduce some of those pre-proposal jitters.

1. Decide if you want want to propose in public or in private

There are a couple factors to think about when deciding to propose in a public or private space and they mainly have to do with A) nerves and B) how comfortable you and your soon-to-be fiancé are being the center of attention.

Some questions to ask yourself are: Do you get nervous or tongue-tied when others are watching you? Do you think your girlfriend or boyfriend will be shy or thrilled to have potential on-lookers clapping and cheering for you once you ask?

I personally would have felt uncomfortable if I felt like a spotlight was on me when my now husband proposed and I think he knew that. Sure, he proposed in a public space but no one was around (expect a photographer…we’ll get to that in a moment).

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2. Tie in moments, items, or places of significance

Is there a special moment, place, item that you can tie into your proposal? Adding sentimental touches will show your soon-to-be fiancé how much thought and attention to detail you put into the proposal. And that will make her or him feel extra special and extra excited to retell your proposal story!

Minnesota proposal how he asked

3. Enlist help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s helping to determine the when and the where of the proposal, getting advise on rings, hatching the proposal plan, or helping set up a cute little display chances are good that whomever you ask for help will be 100% onboard and ecstatic to be part of this special moment!

Minnesota proposal how he asked

4. Should I hire a photographer?

Again, this comes down to if you think your fiancé will A) like having someone else around and B) if you both want photos of that moment.

Personally, and I realize I’m super biased here, I think everyone loves proposal photographs and likes being able to show off their “Oh my god! Yes!” moment. So, personally speaking, I think if you can make it happen you should have a photographer photograph your proposal! It’s a once in a lifetime moment and you’ll be so happy to have photos of it when you’re old and gray.

An extra bonus? If I’m the one photographing your proposal, you’ll get to take some cute engagement photos afterwards!

Minnesota proposal how he asked

5. Don’t overthink it

Take it from me, the biggest overthinker in the world, no matter how you propose your soon-to-be fiancé will love it! Make it as big and bold or make it small and intimate. When it comes down to it, it’s about you, your girlfriend or boyfriend, and the love you two share. So do what feels right and you’ll live happily ever after.

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