You're newly engaged...

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...And you've got so much on your plate. From household chores (ugh, cleaning the bathroom), to work, and oh yeah planning a wedding, you're feeling OVERWHELMED and totally EXHAUSTED!!

You've poured your whole heart into your wedding and have spent hours scouring the internet trying to find the wedding photographer of your dreams. A photographer who will capture all of the details (both big and small) and treasure your photos as they would their own.

Hey girl, I hear ya! Relax, take a deep breath, and let me hand you a warm cup of coffee.

I'm here to help!

Lauren Baker Photography logo branch

Hey Friend!

I’m Lauren and I work with couples who wear their hearts on their sleeves, who look love a good adventure, and who CAN’T WAIT to marry their best friend! 

I remind my couples to embrace the moment, sprinkling in a dash of silliness and a TON of fun into their wedding day. 

And guess what? My couples ALWAYS come away with photographs that are warm, romantic, and highlight their love. 

Lauren Baker Photography logo branch
Lauren Baker Photography headshot
Lauren Baker Photography headshot


I'm an Irish girl and I'm completely fascinated by Ireland (ask me about the time I climbed Croagh Patrick).

I'm also incredibly drawn to the symbolism of the various Celtic knots. My favorite knot is the tree knot. It symbolizes wisdom, the cycle of life, balance, family, and so much more. In fact, that symbolism was the initial inspiration for the tattoo on my arm.

When thinking about a logo to represent my brand and what drives me, a branch from a Celtic tree seemed perfect! 


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Things I love:

My family, friends, and boyfriend





Heeled booties

PDA and cuddles

Adventure (both big and little ones)

Craft beer and cider

Brunch - give me all the French Toast!

Dad jokes

Lord of the Rings (Fave hobbit = Pippin)

Harry Potter (I’m a Slytherin #sorrynotsorry)

Matte Lipstick

LOVE and being a witness to love

Couples who write their own vows

Things I don't love:

Drivers on their cell phones

White chocolate (It’s pretending to be chocolate and makes my heart hurt!)

Fake or forced emotions

Scary movies

Rigid or lifeless poses

Couples who let other people contact me for them (I want to hear from YOU!)

Saying “CHEESE”

The whip/nae nae…and sometimes the cha-cha slide


70%+ humidity

Smoking (no judgement if you do it though) 

My car getting stuck in the snow

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