Haley and Erick | Eden Prairie Bluffs | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

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When Haley sent me an inquiry and in it, she told me that my love for Lord of the Rings and bad dad jokes sold not only her but her fiancé on me, I knew they were my people. And when we met up for their consultation we spent the whole time laughing, making jokes, and envying each other’s methods for organizing and note taking. Yup…we all knew this was a match made in heaven!

Because Haley and Erick are such a goofy, fun-loving, relaxed couple I wanted to take them to a really special place for their engagement session. We started with drinks at a near by pub and then made our way over to the Bluffs in EP where we played games, took their BEAUTIFUL pup for a walk (and showed off how she “sits pretty”), and basically had the time of our lives.

I’m so incredibly blessed to have a couple like Haley and Erick in my life. Not only because I love working with them (and I really love working with them) but also because they’ve become dear friends of mine. When the client/photographer relationship crosses over and because a true friendship…ahh! It’s the best thing I could ever hope! Their December wedding is gonna be off the chain!