How to prepare for rain on your wedding day

Lauren Baker Photography rain on wedding day

Your big day is almost here! Yay! But you just looked at your trusty weather app and OH NO! Rain is in the forecast. 

Now, before you get your hair in a tizzy just breathe….in….and out…ok. Feel a little calmer. Good. 

So it might rain on your wedding day but that doesn’t mean that everything is ruined. In fact, it could be a blessing in disguise. No really! Hear me out. With a little bit of prep, you can cover all of your bases to ensure your day is still everything you ever hoped.

Lauren Baker Photography prepare for rain on wedding

1) Collect items to have on hand it case it rains

I like to encourage my couples to invest in enough clear umbrellas for them and their entire wedding party. Clear umbrellas work better than solid colored ones because they let in that precious natural light. You can do a lot of cute poses with umbrellas, too.

You’ll also want to have a pair of shoes you don’t mind getting wet…and possibly a little dirty, too. Don’t worry, we won’t photograph you in them, but you’ll want to have a separate pair of shoes to walk in especially if we’re taking several photos outside. 

And if you want a real “lemons into lemonade” moment, why not embrace weather footwear? Wedding color rain boots anyone?! 

Lauren Baker Photography in case of rain on wedding hair

2) Have a plan for your hair

Take it from a girl who gets big, frizzy hair when it’s humid out…moisture in the air can be a BIG OL’ BUMMER for your locks. So, if it looks like rain, you’ll want to put some extra thought into your wedding hairdo.

Don’t get me wrong, I love long, flowing curls on a bride, but in the rain those romantic curls will eventually wilt. Where’s the romance in that? 

A safer option might be to do some sort of updo or braid. And if you want even more peace of mind, call your hair stylist before your wedding day so you two can come up with a great Plan B hairstyle.

Lauren Baker Photography in case of rain on wedding

3) Have a contingency plan for your ceremony, reception, and any formal photos if you had originally planned to have them outside! 

Before buying or renting anything, first check with your venue to see what options they might have for you if it rains. If you’re doing more of a DIY wedding, get in touch with a rental company to see what their options are for tent rentals. A few local rental vendors are:

-    Apres Event Decor and Tent Rental
-    Ultimate Events

As for those formal photos, we don’t necessarily need to move those indoors…unless it’s down pouring in which case we probably should take it inside. The key is to find spots that are covered but open so natural light is still available. Things like awnings, gazebos, a porch work well and still gives us the look of being outside. If we’re doing family formals, finding a covered space big enough for everyone is something to keep in mind. Trust me! No one wants to wait in the rain for his or her turn in front of the camera!! 

Lauren Baker Photography in case of rain on wedding

4) Add time!

Rain can be a HUGE time suck! I once shot a wedding where we waited over an hour to start their ceremony because it was torrential raining! Thankfully, we planned ahead and got all of their portraits done early!

So what can we do about your portrait photos if it rains? Well, we’ll want to start your portrait photos early. We can’t control when it rains or the duration of the rain, but we CAN control our schedule. 

Consider starting your portrait photos earlier in the day when there is still plenty of natural light available. Start with doing your first look and romantic couple photos. If we start early enough, we’ll still have tons of time to do your wedding party photos, and even your family formal photos, before the ceremony. Once the rainclouds start moving in, the sky will get darker and we won’t have as much natural light at our disposal. 

Lauren Baker Photography in case of rain on wedding don't stress

5) Try not to worry too much 

As my dad always says, “Don’t stress over things you can’t control.” This is SO TRUE when it comes to the weather. Why waste your precious energy wishing the rain away? You’re flippin’ getting married!! Save your energy and focus on the exciting task at hand. 

If it rains…it rains. You’ve planned for what you can control and that’s all you can do. Just remember to breathe, don’t freak out and constantly check the radar, perhaps have someone bring you a drink to calm your nerves, and just roll with it. It’ll be a very memorable day and as they say, “Rain is good luck on your wedding day!”