Livia & Allison | White Bear Lake | Minnesota Portrait Photographer

White Bear Lake Portrait Session

The bond between cousins is a very unique, special thing. This week I have the privilege of photographing Livia and Allison, cousins who are as close as siblings. This is my third time photographing Livia and my first time photographing her cousin, Allison. 

We met at Livia's home for their session. And yes, the really do live on a beautiful lake #housegoals #lifegoals #lakeliving. One of the first things Allison said to me was she does't like being in front of the camera and how nervous she was. Livia, being a LBP veteran, kept reassuring her that she'll have fun and that she had nothing to worry about but I could tell she still had reservations. We started with a few games to loosen the girls up and before they knew it they were laughing, joking around, and had completely abandoned their nerves. :)

As the session came to a close, the girls gave me hugs and said how much fun they had. Allison said she had a blast and thanked me for making her feel comfortable and natural the whole time. And that, my friends, is one of the best gifts I could ever receive as a photographer. 

Both Allison and Livia are amazing young ladies. Come Fall, Livia will begin her sophomore year of high school at Forest Lake and Allison will begin her college career as a freshman at Iowa State University.