Maia and Zac | Shady Oak Park Engagement | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Lauren Baker Photography Shady Oak Park Engagement wedding photographer MN

“Skipping!” We made Maia’s dreams come true when I asked her and her fiancé, Zac, to skip around Shady Oak Park.

Those reactions make my heart smile. While I love posing my couples in cuddly position, it’s the movement and authentic expressions that come from my fun (and oftentimes goofy) prompts that give our Lauren Baker Photography engagement photos their unique, visceral quality.

Case and point, Maia and Zac’s Shady Oak Park engagement session in Minnetonka, MN.

Maia chose the park because she grew up going there as a kid and had wonderful memories associated with it. She and Zac currently live in New Jersey (just outside of Pennsylvania) so when they were home for the Fourth of July, we got together to play. And because it was hot as hell out, we ended up playing in Shady Oak Lake! Adventure sessions for the win!!