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Lauren Baker Photography Duluth Greysolon Ballroom wedding

Nicole and Adam’s Greysolon Ballroom wedding in Duluth, MN was simply stunning. From the gorgeous dress, to the heartwarming speeches, to the scrumptious desserts everything about their wedding was perfect.

Let me take you back, seven years, to one fateful day. Nicole was at the gym. Adam was at that very same gym. Eyes met. Interest was piqued. They agreed to go out and…the date went terribly (their words, not mine)! Thankfully, they decided to give it another shot, and this time the stars aligned and it was magical. Since then, the two have grown and built a life together, their love intensifying with each passing day.

Nicole and Adam are definitely a power couple. They know what they want and they know how to get the job done. If I’m being honest, I was a bit intimidated by them at first. Here was this beautiful couple that radiated confidence and there I was, a lady hoping to make a good impression. Of course, as I got to know them during their engagement, my intimidation quickly went away and it morphed into the utmost respect and admiration. 

With that said, it was no surprise to me that their wedding was 100% class, dripping with sophistication and poise. The care and time that was put into each place setting, each centerpiece, even the welcome bags showed a keen eye to detail that did not go unnoticed, or unappreciated, by their guests. 

As the day progressed, the nerves that Nicole and Adam felt earlier in the day melted away into sheer and utter bliss. They danced the night away among their closest friends and family, and never missed an opportunity to get down and funky. 

Nicole and Adam’s wedding was a wonderful way to start off my 2018 wedding season. Everything about the day was perfect, even the weather which is saying a lot for winter in Minnesota. My special wish to the happy couple: may you have a lifetime of happiness and an endless amount of discovery and adventure!!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Lauren Baker Photography
VIDEOGRAPHER: North Photography
FLORIST: Mickman Brothers
DESSERT ARTIST: Johnson’s Bakery
BAND/DJ: Mark Haugen DJ
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Fitger’s Salon & Spa
HAIR ARTIST: Fitger’s Salon & Spa
GROOM SUIT: Express and Calvin Klein
BRIDAL GOWN: The Posh Rack

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