Nicole & Adam | Montissippi Regional Park | Minnesota Engagement Photographer

Montissippi Regional Park Engagement Session

It's a little bit funny. Adam was one of the first people I ever photographed professionally about six years ago. I was just getting started and needed models to help me practice. Adam answered one of my ISOs and we set up a session. 

We talked a lot and had fun while we worked. He told me we was about to move to Los Angeles he also talked about his girlfriend Nicole. She was going to stay back home in Minnesota while he went off to pursue his career in California. Fast forward to a few months ago and there in my inbox was an email from Adam...asking me if I'd be available to photograph his and his fiancé Nicole's wedding. AH!!!! My excitement was through the roof!

The three of us met at a coffee shop to talk details and to catch up. I was so thrilled not only to be photographing their wedding (because duh, I love doing that) but also because I felt like I sort of knew them since the beginning. Then...the cherry on top...Nicole knows a ton of people I know! She knows couples I've photographed in the past and is even related to an artistic director of a professional dance company her in Minneapolis. SMALL WORLD YO!!! It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyways) that I feel very connected to Nicole and Adam and am beyond thrilled to be their photographer! 


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