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Lauren Baker Photography Silverwood Park engagement session

Ashley and I have known each other since our elementary school days. We were always next to each other in the year book (alphabetically she was "Bai" and I was "Bak"). We shared many similarities aside from our last names too -- we were both very studious (pretty sure she had better grades though), we were both involved with our high school's publications (she was the yearbook editor in chief and I was the newspaper's entertainment page editor), and we were both interested in making jewelry (she made MUCH nicer things than I did). 

The first half of our lives trucked along pretty much side by side so after college, it felt so natural picking up right where we left off when we came together to help plan our ten-year high school reunion...yes, we're those nerds...but you really can't say, "No" to the woman who was our student body always say, "Yes, how can I help?" :) 

Needless to say I was jumping up and down when Jay proposed to Ashley and I jumped even higher when they asked me to be their photographer! Their August wedding is going to be SO MUCH FUN and I can't wait to share in their celebrations!!

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