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Top 10 Wedding Must-Haves

Many have asked me what makes a wedding great? I don’t think there’s any one answer and tastes, as in all things, are incredibly subjective.

However, with all of the weddings I’ve worked and attended as a guest, I have found a surprising amount of similarities between the weddings that I’d deem “great.”

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Sherry & Josh | The Weddin' Barn | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Sherry and Josh’s Wisconsin wedding at Govin's Weddin' Barn was as lovely, as intimate, and as playful as the couple themselves!  

The couple, currently living in California, met at Starbucks. Sherry went there to interview for a job and Josh was the cute barista behind the bar. As the story goes, Josh immediately noticed Sherry and went up to his boss after her interview and said, “You have to hire her!” Goes to show that coffee really does bring people together.

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