The Hollywood Slow Kiss and how to master it.

Lauren Baker Photography slow kiss engagement session

You know those Hollywood movies where the guy slowly lifts the girl’s chin and plants a smooth kiss on her lips? Doesn’t that image in your mind look so sweet? So passionate? So good looking? 

Don’t you want that kind of photo in your collection of engagement photos? 

I thought you might.

Lauren Baker Photography slow kiss

Now, let’s do a little experiment. Grab your sig. other and kiss him/her. Do it a few times. Go on…I’ll wait…pay attention to your lips. Do they purse out like our oh-so fabulous “duck lip” Instagram photos? Yeah, I thought they might. 

Trust me when I say, “THOSE DON’T MAKE GOOD KISSING PHOTOS!” (yes I’m screaming but I think it’s warranted.)

Wanna bet that those Hollywood actors had to practice their slow kisses? Well, so should you…and you should do it well before your engagement photo session. That way, when you’re in front of the camera, your muscle memory will take over and you won’t have to think about a thing.

Here are your steps to mastering what I like to call “The Hollywood Slow Kiss.”

Lauren Baker Photography slow kiss


1)   Relax your body

2)   Continue smiling as you snuggle together.

3)   Keep your eyes closed as your faces get closer together…no one ever kisses with their eyes open…weirdo. ;)

4)   Continue to relax your face and show that you’re happy. Take a moment here, don’t rush it.

5)   You have two options from here but they’re both in SLOW MOTION.

a. Keep smiling, you can even think of it like you’re trying to kiss with your teeth.

b. Relax your lips and let them tenderly fall into place with your lips fitting together one lip on top/below and the other in between your partner’s. It’s your choice whose lip is on top and whose lip is on bottom.

6)   If you get a bout of the giggles, don’t hold back…let them out!! It’s silly kissing in front of a camera and it’s totally natural to feel a bit silly. We’re in a safe space together and I always encourage laughter and honest, raw emotions.

Lauren Baker Photography slow kiss

If you practice this technique you’ll come away with Oscar winning kiss photos! And practice makes perfect so get your lip balm out and get to work!!