Top 10 Wedding Must-Haves

Lauren Baker Photography top 10 wedding must-haves

Many have asked me what makes a wedding great? I don’t think there’s any one answer and tastes, as in all things, are incredibly subjective.

However, with all of the weddings I’ve worked and attended as a guest, I have found a surprising amount of similarities between the weddings that I’d deem “great.”

For starters, all of the couples are relaxed and are enjoying themselves. They’re not worrying about the small details but instead are focused on the big picture. Their wedding is 100% about celebrating their love and sharing that love with their closest friends and family.

And all of the weddings had amazing food, too. I’m not a foodie but I LOVE to eat. When I go to a wedding and am blown away by the food I make sure to get the caterers info so I can refer them to my couples. Well fed guests are happy guests and happy guests don’t cause problems for their hosts. ;)

For those that would like more of my thoughts on the subject, I’ve created a downloadable guide just for you!

Top 10 Wedding 

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