What kind of portrait sessions do you offer?

I offer both on-location and in-studio portrait sessions. Should you wish to have part or all of your session in the studio, you may choose between a white and a grey backdrop. Available portrait sessions include but are not limited to: families, high school seniors, couples, headshots, and maternity.

Do we have the copyrights to the images?

I retain the copyrights to the images but you will receive printing rights to them. Printing rights allow you to print your photos where ever you like! 

Will the images be retouched, and color enhanced?

All of the photos I deliver are retouched (blemishes, random object in the background, etc) and color enhanced.


Will you be our actual photographer? 

Unless I become deathly ill or some other act of God prevents me from photographing your event, I will always be your lead photographer.


Do you have a back-up photographer in case you get ill the day of our wedding? 

Should I get sick (though I rarely do) I will send a back-up photographer. I work with a community of talented second photographers so should the unthinkable happen and I get sick, you will certainly be great hands!


What does a photographer's assistant do verses a second photographer?

An assistant helps me with various tasks throughout your event (holding a light reflector, grabbing gear, setting up lighting equipment for the reception while I'm doing family photos, etc). A second photographer may do some of the tasks an assistant does but their primary role is to tell your story from a different point of view than my own. For example, if we are taking a photo of you and your fiancé, I might compose a close up shot while my second photographer composes a wide shot of that same moment.


Do you think a second photographer is necessary?

I think second photographers are wonderful but they are not necessary for every couple. It completely depends of what is important to you as a couple. With a second photographer, I am able to provide more thorough coverage thereby telling a more detailed and complete story of your wedding day. Typically, my second photographer covers the groom and his groomsmen so I can focus on covering the bride and her bridesmaids before the ceremony. This saves LOADS of time primarily when doing the bridal party and groomsmen portraits. With a second photographer you also receive more photos because more photos were captured of your day!

Have you ever shot at {location} before? It's where our ceremony will be!

If I haven't photographed at a location before, I will always scope out it out beforehand (preferably with you and your fiancé) so I have a game plan for your wedding day (i.e. where I want to do the first look photos, where I want to do couple portraits, what equipment will be used to provide you with the best possible photos, etc).

Is there an estimated number of photos we will get?

Weddings: You will get all of the photos from your day excluding missed focus shots, photos with bad expressions/half open eyes, and exact duplicates. For 8 hours of coverage and 1 photographer, you can expect to receive around 1,000 photos. If you have a 2nd photographer covering your wedding, the number of photos you receive will increase.
Portraits: Each collection comes with a set amount of photos. Collection information can be found on my Investment Page.

A half day is approximately 4-6 hours and a full day is approximately 6-8 hours. If you require more than 8 hours of coverage we can certainly cover more than that. For most couples 8 hours is what I like to call the "Goldilocks" amount of coverage.

How long is a full day of coverage considered? How long is a half day?

Is 8 hours typically long enough for wedding coverage?

I believe 8 hours is the "Goldilocks" of wedding coverage -- it's usually the perfect amount of time to capture all of the important moments of the day. With 8 hours, coverage typically starts when you're about ready to put your dress on and ends after the first dance and parent dances. 

You said you keep the copyright of the photos but we would have "printing rights." What does that mean?

Copyright is basically who has ownership over the photo -- I retain that as the photographer. Printing rights allow you to print the digital photos wherever you like, as many times as you like.

What equipment do you use?

I exclusively use Canon camera bodies, lenses, and flashes. My primary camera body is a Canon 5D Mark III and I have an assortment of Canon lenses (macro, telephoto, wide angle, and zoom). 

How many weddings have you shot?

It's almost impossible for me to count at this point haha! 

Do you back-up your photos?

Yes, I always back-up my photos! I even shoot with a back-up memory card in my camera just in case. Once I'm done editing your photos, I double back-up those finalized files and keep them forever!

Yes I am! I'm a proud member of Forever Bride. Check them out!

Are you associated with any bridal organizations?

Does the time of a portrait session include transportation time to different locations or just shooting?

Yes, the session time does include travel time once we've started working. However, I'm not super strict with stop times. If we run a bit over our scheduled time because it took a long time to get to a second location I'm not going to cut us off just because we hit out schedule end time.

All of my wedding collections include 120 miles of round trip travel. All of my portrait collections include 60 miles of round trip travel. Anything above that is subject to the standard IRS milage rate.

Do you have a travel fee?

The digital images that come with each portrait collections are the final editing photos that I will deliver to you. Once we've finished our session, you will receive an online temporary gallery full of proofs to make your selections from.

Are the photos I will receive with a portrait collection touched up photos or are they proofs?

I offer 8x8, 12x8, and 13x9.5 photo albums. Each album comes with 20 pages but more pages can be added to tell your story in greater depth. Photo album investment starts at $300.

What photo albums do you offer?

If you have a question that is not answered above, please contact me and I'll get an answer to you!