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Dig into the business side of Your photography business

The backend of your business is arguably the most important part of your business. As a photographer, you want to ensure you have the best systems in place when you’re behind the camera as well as behind the desk. Learning how to navigate your workflow behind the scenes will set you up to become a successful photographer and business owner.

With one-on-one coaching calls, I'll share my workflow secrets, answer any and all of your questions, and help you set yourself up for success!


My business grew more than I ever could have imagined!

me help you!

The business side of running a business can be overwhelming.


Online Business Coaching


• 60 minute one-on-one online coaching call
• In-depth dive into a topic of your choice
• Q&A time
• Payment plans are available


$810 for a 3 session bundle

As a dance instructor, I offered private lessons to my students. We'd work one-on-one on a skill they wanted to get better at, and discover ways they could work on that skill at home and in their dance classes.

And guess what? The dancers who took the time to invest in their dancing, who put in the hard work, excelled far more and in less time than their peers.

The same will be true for you and your photography business when we work together on an online business coaching call.

We'll dive into a topic of your choice and create action steps you can take home that will set your business up for success.

I'm Ready!

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Ready to dig in?

What Topics Are Covered?

Choose from a variety of business topics:

Ready to dig into your business?

• How To Use Your Camera (For Beginners)
• Culling + Editing Basics
• Posing Tips & Prompts
• Post-Session/Wedding Workflow Systems
• CRMs (Customer Relationship Management)
• Contracts, Pricing, + Invoice 101
• Online Image Delivery Systems

• Wedding and/or Photoshoot Prep
• Print + Album Sales
• Building Community
• Website Review
• Portfolio Review

I'm Ready!

Heck yeah!

Words from my students

Sweet Testimonials



'My confidence has grown over the past few weeks!'

I thought I was "too new" at photography and felt frustrated and discouraged because I didn't know how to take the leap or what the next step was to get my business going. After completing my private wedding styled shoot and online coaching session with Lauren, my confidence has grown over the past few weeks and I'm ready and prepared to launch my business.

- Megan, Megan Mulligan Photography

'My business grew more that I ever could have imagined!'

My business grew more than I ever could have imagined. I gained enough hands-on experience where I now feel completely comfortable booking my own sessions and running my own photography business. Lauren’s organization and spunky personality makes it not only easy, but fun to work alongside her.

- Ellen, Ellen Johnson Photography

Let's dig into your business


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