Business Resources

I'm not magic, but these business resources are

These are my tried and true the tools. They've not only helped shape me into the photographer that I am today but have allowed me to have the business I've always dreamt of.

Running my business has been made so much easier - and I've made more money - because I've read, used, and implemented these tools. Check out some recommendations on my favorite books, gear, and programs I swear by.

Programs + Tools I Use



Kiss Books

Lightroom Classic


Printable Calendars



This is how I send contracts, invoices, questionnaires, timelines, and other communications to my clients. It also helps me stay organized and up to date on all of my client work. I highly recommend it!

This is the gallery platform I use to send clients their images. Clients can easily download and place print orders through their gallery. You can also use Pixieset to build your website!

Calendly is an online program and is what I use to schedule all of my portrait sessions and client meetings. I recommend getting the premium or pro accounts.

Kiss Books are the most beautiful, highest quality albums out there! I offer them to all of my clients and I use their internal album designer to design my client's albums.

Photomechanic is what I use to quickly cull through my wedding and session images. It's literally cut my culling time in half!

Lightroom is my tried and true editing software. I almost never use Photoshop anymore but that's an important software to have, too. 

Convertkit is my email list and newsletter program. I like that I can assign tags to clients and curate what information is sent to which tags. Example: Family tags will not get info geared towards Wedding tags.

These printable annual and quarterly calendars are a game changer! They help me visualize my whole year and keep me on task by breaking down the year into quarters.

Simplified Planners

Available in both weekly and daily versions, I love how these cute planners help me organize my days. Simplified has other practical - and adorable - items too, such as notebooks, page markers, and legal pads.


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