You and your partner are laid-back, passionate, and a little camera-shy. You want lots of romantic wedding photographs because let's be honest, you think you're a little awkward and the only photos you have together are selfies. You want to relax on your wedding day so you can actually enjoy it...

Does this sound like you? If so, you're in the right place!!

From start to finish, my couples know they’re in the trusted hands of an expert - a wedding photographer in Boston who has seen it all, knows how to deal with it all, and will go the extra mile for her clients. As a dreamer, a romantic, and a self-described detail-oriented organizational geek (say that 10x fast), I’m the perfect person to entrust with your wedding photography.

A successful wedding starts with intentional planning. That means going into a wedding day with a game plan. That plan gives us the freedom to slow down, relax, and enjoy your day. As your photographer, I'll create your wedding photography timeline with plenty of breathing room. Additionally, I'll help you prepare for any and all seasonal weather concerns, guide you so you feel natural in front of the camera, and help you create works of art that will adorn the walls of your home. With me, your wedding experience will be fun, romantic, and best of all, stress-free!

CUSTOM Proposals ARE MADE for each wedding.

destination and intimate weddings ARE available.

Timeless Wedding Photographer in Boston


"Everyone says that the best investment you can make for your wedding is your photographer, and we definitely hit the jackpot with Lauren. Lauren perfectly captured the laughter, love, and light of our wedding and we are so grateful she was a part of our day."

Past Couple

— Nicole & Sam

Lauren Baker Photography Couples

Their Family and Friends are super important

Their families and their friends are the most important people in their lives and they'd do anything for them. 

They believe in love, justice, and equality for all

They believe every human has worth and value and should be treated equally and with compassion. They believe in social justice, that love is love, and don't judge others for the way they live their lives.

They enjoy wes anderson films

They either have, or appreciate, an off-beat, dry, and witty sense of humor. They also enjoy programs such as The Office, Parks and Rec, and Derry Girls.

They Love to travel

Exploring new destinations gives fills their soul and they're always dreaming of - or planning - their next adventure.

THEY'RE inspired by the old world

They can’t get enough of European-inspired anything! Architecture, food, art, history. If it looks, feels, and sounds European, they’re all about it!

Timeless Style and elegant details are paramount

While being a modern couple, they're not overly into trendy fads. They value elegant style and want their wedding photographs to be timeless works of art.

Featured in


Global Wedding Award's "Most Romantic Wedding Photographer (Midwest + New England) | 2023, 2022, 2021

Wedding Wire's "Couple's Choice Award" | 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

The Knot's "Best Of Weddings" | 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019

LUXlife's Customer Service Excellence Award | 2022

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"Lauren is the BEST! She is assertive while kind, knows when to be subtle, and how to make people laugh. My guests still talk about how pleasant she was and how she helped make the day even more fun. Lauren made me feel confident in holding boundaries with my guests, maintaining our timeline, and corralling the troops. She set the tone and guests naturally followed. I get compliments on her photographs all of the time. Couldn't recommend her more!"

— Allison & Jeff

Past Couple

Why you'll love working with me

But don't take my word for it:

You're likely researching several photographers during this part of your wedding planning and you might be asking yourself, "Why should I hire you over Photographer X?" That's a great question. Photographer X and I may have similar styles, but here's why I stand out above others:

I Make Being In Front Of The Camera Comfortable  :  If there's one thing I hear most often from my couples, is that I make them feel comfortable and confident while being photographed. All start of saying, "We're bad at taking photos," and by the end, they're loving every moment of it!

"Lauren went above and beyond. But most importantly, Lauren made my husband and I feel SO comfortable. She cracked jokes during our couple's portraits and family photos. Lauren made us feel comfortable being goofy and our authentic selves." - LBP bride Lisa

I Create Custom Photography Collections  :  No two weddings are ever 100% alike. That's why I create custom photography collections for all of my clients that are tailored to fit their unique needs. Want me to make a custom collection for you? Shoot me a message and we'll chat!

"Lauren focuses on her clients and what they want and what they find important. She takes the time to ask us what we want to remember most and captures it on our big day. She does such a great job of working with us in order to do capture what we said was important to us." - LBP bride Becky

My Posing and Composition Are Masterful  :  I spend time posing my couples so that they feel natural, genuine, and comfortable. I take extra care to compose an image so there aren't distractions that draw the eye away from the subject.

Compare my work with the other photographers you're researching. How many of their couple portraits have trees, poles, or other distractions coming out of their heads or body parts? How many of their images have crooked horizon lines? I work extra hard to avoid those pitfalls in my work.

Family Photos Are Quick And Painless  :  I always get through family photos in under 30 minutes. That's because I 1) create your family photo shot list and 2) put it in an efficient order that allows for quick changes with minimal moving.

"Lauren’s formal family photo process is seamless! She preps her couples so that they can experience an efficient and quick process. From letting her couples know exactly when their family members should meet in a certain spot, to coordinating a list for who to include, the process is so smooth and painless!" - Ashley, Chicago wedding photographer

I take monthly continuing education classes  :  There is always something more to learn and there is always room to grow - this is my philosophy. Because I believe this to be true, I take monthly continuing education classes from the industry's leading professionals to improve my skills as your expert wedding photographer.

My mentors include but are not limited to Charla Storey who for several years in a row has been named one of Bride's Best Photographers, editing guru and creator of Kindred Presets Jennefer Wilson, and the Photoboss® herself Joy Michelle.

My Photography Timelines Allow You To Relax  :  A great timeline will make or break your wedding day experience and if done well, it'll go unnoticed. I create my clients' photography timelines with ample padding time. This allows us to relax and let the day naturally unfold without my couples ever feeling rushed to stay on schedule.

"My biggest fear going into my wedding day was if I was going to be able to relax and enjoy it. Lauren was my savior when it came to this! She got to know us, shared her expertise, and together we created a timeline that fit our day perfectly! I never felt rushed, I was able to live in the moment, and I never had an ounce of worry." - LBP bride Jana

My Edits Look Natural  :  I pride myself on honoring color in my edits and it starts by shoot in a way that honors my clients' skin tones. By honoring skin tones, color in the rest of their photographs look natural. And natural color is timeless which means your wedding photos will always be in style.

"Lauren's super knowledgeable about all things photo! Her edits look natural, which is great. It makes them timeless and not super trendy for the time. [It's] my favorite thing!" - LBP bride Samantha

Photos Are Delivered Quickly  :  My clients receive their final image galleries well before my contracted delivery date deadline. And while I deliver their galleries quickly, I still take great care to masterfully edit, color correct, and otherwise perfect my clients' images.

"Lauren is honestly the best photographer! She is easy to communicate with, gets back to you fast, and makes the photo process so easy and fun. Lauren was my best and favorite hire of my wedding vendors. And turnaround time is surprisingly fast! We absolutely adore our photos!" - LBP bride Angela




Signature galleries




I strive to create elegant works of art that are as unique as your love story. My fine art photographs, with my quintessential blend of romance, true-to-life colors, and ethereal glow, are timelessly chic.

Fine art photography for modern romantics

My Purpose in life is to make the world a better, more positive place for all to live. I CHOOSE TO DO THAT WITH MY CAMERA by spreading love, joy, and acceptance to each person i meet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Traveling is one of the greatest joys of my life and it would be an honor to photograph you at your special destination. To date, I've photographed couples in 4 countries and 12+ states. 

Are you available to travel for my wedding/session?

Yes, unless otherwise discussed, I will be your day-of photographer. My clients and I become such good friends during their engagement season that I couldn't imagine not being present on their wedding day!

Will you be my day-of photographer?

You should book with me as soon as you know you want to work together. This is especially true if you’re getting married or want to have a session in the summer or fall. My calendar fills up several months in advance so the sooner we get you on the calendar the better.

When should I book my wedding or portrait session with you?

For portrait sessions, you can expect to receive your photographs within 3 weeks. For weddings, you’ll get your photographs within 10 weeks. Of course, my goal is to get your photographs into your hands as soon as possible. 

When will I get my photographs?

Yes, though, I call them associates rather than seconds. All of my associates are lead photographers and I trust them to photograph any part of the day without me. Seconds, on the other hand, are photographers who are newer and are in the process of growing their skills.

Do you have second shooters?

Absolutely! A store is attached to your image gallery so, once that has been delivered, you’ll have the opportunity to order professional prints, canvases, framed prints, and photo albums through the gallery store.

Can I order prints or photo albums through you?

"Lauren was pivotal in making our wedding day perfect! My husband and I looked for months to find the perfect photographer and after meeting Lauren we knew was the best fit for us. She made our day so much fun and easy. She found little opportunities to make the perfect photo all with a calm ease that comes from someone who has an artistic eye along with experience in understanding the flow of a wedding."

Past Couple

— Emma & Erik

Romantic wedding photography experience?

Ready to book your

I'm a free-spirited love and adventure seeker who aims to inspire joy, compassion, and beauty. I hope to show each person I interact with how remarkable they are and that they have value.  


my philosophy

How do we even start to say thank you for all the work and effort you put into our wedding day?

- Josie and Scott

Lauren played such a meaningful role in our wedding, capturing the day in photos that we'll look back on for the rest of our lives. She kept Scott and me calm and sane - Lauren is a miracle worker! She put in 100% effort and gave us her very best, and that means so much to me. Seeing our photographs makes me so excited and so happy that Lauren was with us on this journey.

Lauren made the process so easy and made us feel so comfortable!

- Amy and Luke

We just wanted to say thank you again so much for your amazing work. You were seriously incredible to work with and we loved the locations you suggested for both our engagement shoot and the spots in Stillwater. We were very worried about getting professional photos done since we had never done it before, but you made the process so easy and made us feel so comfortable. Thank you!

Working with Lauren was easy breezy and FUN! She gave us our most treasured photos ever!


There was a chunk of time in our wedding planning when we thought we'd go without a professional photographer to save on cost (terrible idea!) but once we met with Lauren, we knew we'd be in good hands. She checked in often and asked questions that got us thinking about other parts of the wedding that we probably would've missed. Lauren captured exactly who we are as a couple!

Lauren's enthusiasm and passion make the photo-taking process so fun – she made me feel like a star!

- Alisa AND Adam

Lauren and her team are so much fun to work with! She made us feel so comfortable on the day of our wedding, providing both silly and helpful cues to help us relax and be ourselves in our photos. Lauren’s background in dance is super helpful in recognizing simple posture changes that make a big difference, too. Oh, and the photos we got are just stunning!

Lauren was pivotal in making our wedding day perfect!

- Emma AND Erik

My husband and I looked FOR MONTHS to find the perfect photographer and after meeting Lauren we knew was the best fit for us. She made our day so much fun and easy. She found little opportunities to make the perfect photo all with a  calm ease that comes from someone who has an artistic eye along with experience in understanding the flow of a wedding.

Not only is Lauren an amazing human being, but she is an awesome photographer!

- Haley AND Erick

I've been in several weddings and have worked with a multitude of photographers and I never felt as confident as I did with Lauren. I love how professional she is. She helped with the timeline way in advance and we stuck to that timeline the day of. She was also able to professionally and firmly keep unruly family members settled and focused and navigated family drama beautifully!

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