Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Choreographing you to look and feel your best

Prior to photography, I was a professional concert dancer. So I understand what it's like to be in the spotlight. And I understand how to use my training as a dancer to make you look stunning in front of the camera.

I know the mechanics of the body and how to pose you to look your best. And on your wedding day, that is...

This might surprise you...

exactly how you should feel.

You deserve to feel worthy and beautiful, just as you are. So in the beginning, I'll ask what you love about the way you look, and if you have any body sensitivities. Then, I'll whisk away any worries and focus on making you feel your best. And ultimately allow you to relax, enjoy the moment, and love what you see in your images.

Feel beautiful & seen.

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Lauren made us feel comfortable being goofy and our authentic selves.


And when I prepare your timeline with your planner, I'll be sure to build in time for you to breathe.

On your wedding day, I'll constantly read the room, stay one step ahead at all times, and ensure you have everything you need to be in the moment - as I capture it all.

enjoy the experience

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While I take my responsibility very seriously, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for levity. I'll keep the spirit loose and fun!

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Like a true enneagram 1 wing 2, I like to have order and a plan. But, within that plan I'm also advocating and supporting you. Because I take care of my people and I'll always keep your best interests at heart. 

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I'm an LGBTQIA+ ally. I make everyone feel welcome, no matter who you are.

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I took an interest in photography at a young age at our extended family reunions. We would only see each other one week of the year, so I wanted to remember absolutely everything. And taking photographs gave me that gift. And it's one of many reasons I'm so honored to do the same for you. 

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While working in the professional dance industry, I also taught dance to young children and adults. So I can confidently manage a room and know how to do so with care and empathy. And, this is also how I ensure all of your guests have an incredible experience. 

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This is a big moment in your life. I want to celebrate who you are and where you are right now. I always want to honor that through the photographs I provide to you. 

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"Lauren was definitely more amazing than words can describe! She's easy to get along with, she is quick at responding, and she takes jaw dropping photos!! I cannot recommend her enough!"


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