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I’m Lauren Baker - a professional dancer turned photographer who has learned that embracing inner awkwardness and letting go of expectations is the key to leading a love-filled, happy life.

This is why I love serving Clients who are a little nervous about being in front of the camera but who are also the most self-less, biggest hearted people with the cutest laughs I’ve ever met. The clients I serve like to laugh and have fun, tell bad jokes, and don’t really sweat the small things. 

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My business initially grew out of my friends’ need for dance audition headshots. I always loved photography and took a camera with me on all of our family trips - I wanted to remember EVERYTHING - so when my best friends were in need of photography work I decided that would be a fun and helpful way to supplement my dance career. 

From there, I fell in love with photographing couples and individuals who were embarking on big, transitional life milestones. Being around their excitement and joy was intoxicating. And the fulfillment I got from making others happy and relaxed on their biggest day was a satisfaction I hadn’t ever felt before. Capturing celebrations of life and love while being able to make a difference in my clients lives gave me a whole new purpose in life.

My journey in photography began in a dance studio

My Philosophy:

 your wedding or session is a celebration of you, and it’s ok to listen to your heart and make decisions that make you the happiest. Let's capture it!

Ireland is my happy place.

Ireland is my happy place. It’s my Shire. It’s equal parts known and unknown and I feel completely at peace there. I’ve always felt a personal connection with my Irish ancestry and it strengthens each time I visit that beautiful, rainy island. And the food!! It’s my ultimate comfort food! More meat and potatoes please and thank you!

I freaking LOVE traveling

I freaking LOVE traveling - if I could do it all the time I would. On the top of my bucket list are Scotland, Greece, and Germany. My ideal honeymoon would be to take a train all around Europe.

Lavender is my most favorite scent

Lavender is my most favorite scent...ever! Put a freshly cut bushel under my nose if you want to see my dopey, calm face.

Coffee is my spirit animal.

Coffee is my spirit animal. Ok lies, the gazelle is, but coffee is life. My go to drink order is a caramel latte or chai tea latte.

being with my little family

It may be cheesy AF but my family is the most important thing in my life. When you find someone who feels like home, brings out your goofy side, and dances in the living room with you, you’ve found someone worth keeping around for a long, long time. Add the cutest puppy in the world to the mix and you've got the best things in life!

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Associate  :  Danielle’s wedding photography journey began with Lauren, strangely enough, in the dance realm as one of Lauren’s dance students. In addition to weddings, Danielle loves photographing nature, portraits of friends and family, and has a killer knack for macro photography. In her own words, “I fell in love with capturing memories and emotions. When you look at a photo, you want to remember how you felt in that moment and remember that feeling forever.”

Associate  :  Mariah has always had a creative mind and her passion for photography budded when she was in high school. In addition to photographing her friends, she began dabbling in couple photography and quickly fell in love with it. Mariah’s ability to bring out couples’ adventurism, smiles, and goofiness in addition to her creative eye makes her an irreplaceable member of the LBP team. When she’s not behind the camera, you can find her outdoors exploring the wilderness, gardening, or going on a leisurely stroll.

Associate  :  Brianna first picked up a camcorder as a young, bright 5 year old and fell in love. Telling stories through her camcorder made her little heart skip a beat. And when she picked up her first DSLR, it gave her the same joy. Brianna loves connecting with people, sharing important milestones, and creating pieces of art. Oh, and being able to stall time, capture authentic moments, and share genuine memories with our amazing clients! ;)

Associate  :  Bethany’s adventure with photography began with her first overseas trip in 2016. She fell in love with color, culture, and emotion in a new way and longed to capture it in an authentic way! Bethany values authenticity, joy, and real emotion!! She also believes that love is messy and that life is better when we choose vulnerability over perfection. Many people can capture pretty pictures, but ones that make you feel something are priceless!

Associate  :  Chloe’s photography journey began a few years ago when her heart's desire to tell stories through beautiful images became too powerful to ignore. Since then, her passion has only grown! She loves being able to tag along with couples and not only capture their wild spirit and loving souls, but also make sure their wedding day is a little less crazy! Chloe loves adventurous, spontaneous couples who are down to run in a field or snuggle up under a tree. She, along with the couples she works with, loves to laugh and smile until her cheeks hurt!!

Associate  :  Brittany has been around photography since she was a little girl and began shooting film photography in high school. After she got married, Brittany took the leap and turned her favorite hobby into a career! She values memories, human connection, and dreamy golden hour light. When asked what advice she’d give brides who are currently planning their wedding, she said, “It is so important to hire a professional photographer to capture this season of your life. You can trust in them and their ability to bring out the best in you.” Brittany believes there is no such thing as “awkward” and would love to show you how much fun being in front of the camera can be!

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