How to prepare for rain on your wedding day

Your big day is almost here! Yay! But you just looked at your trusty weather app and OH NO! Rain is in the forecast. 

Now, before you get your hair in a tizzy just breathe….in….and out…ok. Feel a little calmer. Good. 

So it might rain on your wedding day but that doesn’t have to mean everything will be ruined. Sure, you can be upset but not too long. You’ll want to start making your rain-day plan now.

1) Congrats! You’re getting the best light for portraits!

As I tell all of my portrait clients, the light just before and after it rains is my favorite. It’s consistent, it’s soft, and it brings out the color in EVERYTHING. Because the clouds are covering the sun, we don’t need to worry about shadows or squinty eyes. So let’s first and foremost be thankful for that!

2) Embrace it with appropriate gear and then have fun with it!

A clear umbrella lives in the trunk of my car for this very purpose. I encourage my couples to invest in a couple umbrellas for them and their wedding party if they’re worried about rain. If you have the choice, buy clear umbrellas. They won’t cast a weird color or a shadow on your face which will make your photographer very happy. Clear umbrellas look super cute in photos, too. If clear umbrellas aren’t an option, try to find umbrellas in your wedding colors.

For your feet, plan on bringing waterproof boots. You could choose to get creative with it too and get boots in your wedding colors for yourself and your bridesmaids! That’s a photo I’d like to take!

3) Bring extra towels

You can use them to wipe up any excess water AND they can double as blankets in case anyone needs to warm up.

4) Put your hair up and wear waterproof mascara

Take it from a girl who gets big, frizzy hair when it’s humid out…moisture in the air can be a BIG OL’ BUMMER for your locks. So, if it looks like rain, you might want to consider doing an updo for your hair.

Updos work well in bad weather because they stay in place. Your hair won’t be flying in the wind and you won’t have to worry about your curls falling flat.

The second part should go without saying even if rain wasn’t in the forecast. 😉

5) Think about renting a tent

Before buying or renting a tent, first check with your venue to see what they can do on their end if you’ve planned to have an outdoor ceremony or reception. Some venues can easily move everything inside without any issues.

If you’re doing more of a DIY wedding, get in touch with a rental company to see what their options are for tent rentals. A few local rental vendors are:

–   Festivities

–    Apres Event Decor and Tent Rental

6) Worry about what you can control and forget the rest 

As my dad always says, “Don’t stress over things you can’t control.” Guess what? You can’t control the weather. Why stress yourself out and waste energy wishing the rain away? You’re flippin’ getting married!!  

If it rains…it rains. Remember to breathe, don’t freak out, have someone bring you a drink to calm your nerves, and for christ’s sake, put down your weather app.

7) It’s going to be memorable

You will have so many stories from your wedding day and everyone is going to say how great it was. And it will be!

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