Tips For A Successful Mini Session

What are mini sessions? Mini sessions are short photography sessions that typically last between 20 and 30 minutes.  They’re perfect for updated family photos, holiday card photos, baby or child milestones, couple photos, or other announcement photos.

Since these sessions go by quickly, it’s important to make a plan to have a successful session. 

1)    Plan your outfit(s)

Think about coordinating colors and patterns as you plan your/your family’s outfits as overly “matchy” outfits look dated. Also consider the colors in your home when you’re planning your outfits. Chances are you’ll display the photos from your mini session in your home so you’ll want them to fit cohesively and reflect your family’s personality and style.

And because mini sessions are about half the length of a regular photography session, you likely won’t have time for multiple outfit changes. Choose one outfit, or “look,” and wear it to your session. Depending on time and what your photographer allows, bring a second outfit that you can easily change into (i.e. changing takes less than 5 minutes and can be done without the need of a changing room).

2)    Rest up!

Go to bed early so you get a good night’s sleep. Happy, well-rested people means happy, fun, beautiful portraits. And if your little one(s) still take naps, schedule your session around their nap schedule so you have a well rested tot..

3)    Eat something before you arrive

Similar to #2…hangry people do not take happy, fun, beautiful portraits. So eat a good meal before leaving for your mini session. Oh, and brush your teeth so you can be sure you don’t have food stuck between them!

4)    Bring props (or pups)

If you want to use your mini session for a special announcement, don’t forget your props. We don’t have to use your props for your entire session but A) they’ll be fun and B) it’s an easy and quick way to get two different “looks” for your portraits without doing an outfit change.

As for pups, BRING THEM! Just be aware that dogs, like babies, are often on their own schedule and sometimes don’t cooperate. Just know, and accept, that your dog may not to look at the camera, or may give you a kiss without warning. Embrace the moment as I always say!

5)    Arrive early

There’s nothing worse than feeling stressed. There may be traffic, you might get lost, or you might not be able to find a parking spot. Err on the side of caution and give yourself plenty of time to get to your mini session. I find that arriving 10 minutes early gives clients enough time to prep themselves, double check their hair, and relax before their session starts.

6)    Have fun!!

Because that’s what it’s about! We’re here to capture life as it is, at that very moment in time. Honor where your life is and just relax and have fun!


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