Tips to ditch the stress before your engagement session

It’s no secret that being in front of the camera can be hella awkward. I’ve been there. I get it. But it doesn’t have to be stressful at all.

Here are some tricks that I’ve discovered that have helped my couples, as well as my guy and me, shake off the “awkwardness” blanket and allowed us all to let out our inner goofballs and snuggle bears.


1)   Plan your outfits ahead of time


I’m a planner. I like knowing that my outfits look good and that I have shoes that look good with it. I’m also a bit of a control freak so I like to see what my guy plans to wear for our photos and approve or give a suggestion if it doesn’t go with what I plan to wear.

If you’ve downloaded my outfit inspiration guide you’re all set. If you haven’t downloaded that guide yet, download it now to see examples of what kinds of outfits and colors work best for engagement photos.

My biggest bit of advice here is to wear something you feel comfortable in. And if the colors happen to coordinate, that’s gravy!  

2)   Take note of how you instinctively act together


If you’re like me, the moment my guy sits on the couch next to me, my legs, hands, or sometimes my whole body instantly becomes intertwined with his.  

Being aware of how you and your fiancé naturally act and snuggle up when no one is around will help you out when you’re asked to snuggle up when the camera is on you.

Do you instinctively nuzzle your heads together? Do you randomly jump on his back often (I’m raising my hand)? Do you have a habit of scratching his beard with your hands? 

Those natural, lovey-dovey moments make the most romantic, intimate photos that you’ll want to hang in your living room. And if you act like there isn’t a camera in your face and do what you naturally do at home, you can guarantee that your photos will be 100% unique and unlike any other couple’s photos.


3)   Eat something!


Do you get hangry? Does your guy? Make sure something is in your belly before you head out the door. And maybe bring a bottle of water just in case you get parched during your session.


4)   Liquid courage


And if the jitters are really bad, a little liquid courage never hurt. I love to grab a drink with my couples before their engagement session. This is mostly for the guys since they’re usually less amped for having their photos taken than their lady-loves, but it’s also a chance for us to let loose before the camera comes out.

Now let’s be clear. This isn’t an excuse to get sloppy! Just one beer or glass of wine is all it takes to let those final stress-goblins go. By the time we get to our location, you’ll be giggling, excited, and ready to cuddle up like you do at home!

And that, my friends, is how we ditch the stress and take beautiful, visceral, romantic engagement photos that you’ll rave about forever!

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