5 tricks to stay warm during your winter session

The first significant snowfall of the season has fallen. It’s sparkly. It’s pretty. And it also means cold weather is officially here!

Because we Minnesotans know that this is only the beginning of winter, I think it’s time to talk about how to stay warm at and during outdoor winter photography sessions.

So grab a blanket, your favorite warm beverage, and maybe a note pad because I’m serving up some goodies:

1) Under layers

Layering is my favorite dancer trick when it comes to staying warm in cold weather. Dance clothes aren’t too warm so I’d wear a couple layers of pants, shirts, and socks at a time.

You don’t have to go to that extreme for your photo session – unless you’re planning to be outside for a couple hours – but wearing simple long underwear on the top and bottom should help add a layer of warmth.

If you don’t own long underwear, tight long sleeve shirts and leggings work in a pinch. And if you’re wearing boots at your session…do wear at least two pairs of socks. Toes are one of the first body parts to get cold.

2) Bring your hat, coat, and mittens

You don’t have to wear them for your photos if that doesn’t fit your session theme but you certainly can bundle up between shots.

For family photos, I like to get photos of many different groupings: mom & dad, dad & daughter, mom & son, etc. When you’re not in front of the camera…BUNDLE UP BUTTERCUP!

3) Blankets

Blankets also work in a pinch when you need to get warm quickly. And there’s the added bonus of being able to use blankets as props IN your photos. You can sit on them so your booties don’t get damp from snow. You can drape a blanket around you and your honey’s shoulders…it looks super cute and it keeps the heat in.

4) Embrace the winter theme

If you truly want to embrace the winter theme wear your hats, scarves, mittens, boots, etc. Your photos will still be adorable plus you and your family will actually be able to play in snow! Snow angel making photos anyone?

5) Bring a thermos with something warm to drink.

Warm yourself from the inside out by bringing and drinking a hot beverage. Plus, we make drinking hot cocoa as part of your winter photo session theme.

6) Bring a good attitude

This step is maybe the most important. We know that it’s going to be cold. Set your expectations appropriately, take the necessary precautions, listen to your body, and go with the flow.

Recognize that everyone has his or her own threshold for cold and we shouldn’t push anyone past it – that’s when it stops being fun.

If you have a winter session scheduled, or if you’re hoping to schedule one, I hope these tips help keep your family warm and your hearts happy!

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