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I have a lot of fun at weddings. I love my work, I love dancing, and I love having a good time. Kaylin and Connor’s Bunker Hills Golf Course wedding in Coon Rapids is easily in the top 5 “most rockin’” of all of the weddings I’ve photographed.

Kaylin and Connor both attended Liberty University and met on their very first day of college. The class? Public Health. If that isn’t one of the sweetest things ever, I don’t know what is. The devoted couple dated all four years of college and even did a stint of long-distance dating. And on their wedding day, you could feel, see, and almost taste their excitement to be married and to live in the same state again (the happy couple now lives in Virginia Beach).

Both Kaylin and Connor are the types of people with whom everyone wants to be friends. They’re both hard working – a characteristic Kaylin attributes to her initial attraction to Connor – they’re both loyal, and they both like to have a good time…a trait that was in full force during their reception.

They had so much hutzpah that even their DJ joined them not one but multiple times on the dance floor!! I’ve seen a lot of things as a wedding photographer but that was a first!

It was very touching to see, as the day progressed, how excited both Kaylin and Connor became. At first, both were nervous. I assured them was a completely normal way to feel…it’s a big day and they’re about to do something truly magical. Upon seeing Connor waiting, his back turned in anticipation for their first look, Kaylin turned to me and said, “Ok. I feel much better now. I‘m ready.” Her nerves dissipated in an instant and joy overtook her.

The radiance that was on display throughout Kaylin and Connor’s wedding day will stick with me for a long time. I can only hope to have the same amount of love, joy, support, and laughter at my own wedding. May they never forget how much their friends and family love them and may they never lose that bright energy they have for each other!


VENUE: Bunker Hills Golf Course

COORDINATOR: Kallie from Bunker Hills

PHOTOGRAPHER: Lauren Baker Photography

DJ & PHOTO BOOTH: Midwest Sound

FLORIST: The Wild Orchid

HAIR & MAKEUP: Orly Tenenbaum (friend of bride)

DESSERTS: Bunker Hills


BRIDAL GOWN: Classy Consignment

RINGS: Diamonds Direct

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How do we even start to say thank you for all the work and effort you put into our wedding day?

- Josie and Scott

Lauren played such a meaningful role in our wedding, capturing the day in photos that we'll look back on for the rest of our lives. She kept Scott and me calm and sane - Lauren is a miracle worker! She put in 100% effort and gave us her very best, and that means so much to me. Seeing our photographs makes me so excited and so happy that Lauren was with us on this journey.

Lauren made the process so easy and made us feel so comfortable!

- Amy and Luke

We just wanted to say thank you again so much for your amazing work. You were seriously incredible to work with and we loved the locations you suggested for both our engagement shoot and the spots in Stillwater. We were very worried about getting professional photos done since we had never done it before, but you made the process so easy and made us feel so comfortable. Thank you!

Working with Lauren was easy breezy and FUN! She gave us our most treasured photos ever!


There was a chunk of time in our wedding planning when we thought we'd go without a professional photographer to save on cost (terrible idea!) but once we met with Lauren, we knew we'd be in good hands. She checked in often and asked questions that got us thinking about other parts of the wedding that we probably would've missed. Lauren captured exactly who we are as a couple!

Lauren's enthusiasm and passion make the photo-taking process so fun – she made me feel like a star!

- Alisa AND Adam

Lauren and her team are so much fun to work with! She made us feel so comfortable on the day of our wedding, providing both silly and helpful cues to help us relax and be ourselves in our photos. Lauren’s background in dance is super helpful in recognizing simple posture changes that make a big difference, too. Oh, and the photos we got are just stunning!

Lauren was pivotal in making our wedding day perfect!

- Emma AND Erik

My husband and I looked FOR MONTHS to find the perfect photographer and after meeting Lauren we knew was the best fit for us. She made our day so much fun and easy. She found little opportunities to make the perfect photo all with a  calm ease that comes from someone who has an artistic eye along with experience in understanding the flow of a wedding.

Not only is Lauren an amazing human being, but she is an awesome photographer!

- Haley AND Erick

I've been in several weddings and have worked with a multitude of photographers and I never felt as confident as I did with Lauren. I love how professional she is. She helped with the timeline way in advance and we stuck to that timeline the day of. She was also able to professionally and firmly keep unruly family members settled and focused and navigated family drama beautifully!

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