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Jessica and Tim’s Fort Snelling Memorial Chapel wedding was 100% them. By that I mean it was adorable, intimate, and filled with jokes and laughter.

Their story begins with a change meeting. Jessica was working at Nordstrom, where she was a stylist (she used to work at The Wedding Shoppe so it goes without saying that she’s got bomb taste!). Tim worked at the café at Nordstrom. Can you see where this is going? Jess would eat lunch at the café and Tim would take the cute girl’s order…they may or may not have been some free cookies in the mix too. On one fateful day, 8 months later, they went out on their first legit date.

Tim proposed in early December. He gifted Jessica a 3-ring binder filled with tokens from their dates. Tokens such as ticket stubs from movies and shows they attended together. On the very last page was a photo of a ring. *cue tears of joy*

Now, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jessica since our early college days in the University of Minnesota’s dance program. She is one kind-hearted, talented, no-bs-taking, crossword-loving kind of gal and we hit it off right away. So when I heard she was engaged, not only was I thrilled but I was also very curious who this Tim guy was.

After spending one meeting with Tim and Jessica, it was clear that he was the perfect partner for her! They fed off of each other’s energy, loved the same things, and enjoyed the same kinds of jokes…but most importantly, it was obvious they made each other blissfully happy.

A few months later, we took their engagement photos, and a few months after that the wedding day arrived.

The summer in Minnesota decided to linger longer than usual and even though Jessica and Tim’s wedding was in mid-September, the heat and humidity made it feel like early August. But that didn’t discourage anyone. Everyone was all smiles. And we, thankfully, were able to find plenty of open shade for their couple portraits, wedding party photos, and formal family photos.

After their intimate ceremony at Fort Snelling, Jessica, Tim, Jessica’s mother, her Man of Honor, and I went to visit Jessica’s dad’s grave at Fort Snelling Cemetery. Rows upon rows of small white stones line every possible open area of the cemetery. Talk about powerful stuff. The small family had a quite moment of reflection, many hugs were exchanged, and a few choice sentiments were spoken. I was glad I had a full box of tissues in the car.

We then drove to Jessica’s family church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Little Canada, and were greeted by all of the happy couple’s guests. There was much dancing and all of the merriment one could hope for. It was the perfect end to a magical day.


CEREMONY VENUE: Fort Snelling Memorial Chapel

RECEPTION VENUE: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

PHOTOGRAPHER: Lauren Baker Photography

FLORIST: The bride

CAKE ARTIST: Cynthia Shasky (bride’s sister-in-law)

BAND/DJ: Josh Taylor from SGDJs

MAKE-UP ARTIST: Susy Shasky (bride’s sister-in-law)

HAIR ARTIST: Kristi Abrahamson

BRIDAL GOWN: The Wedding Shoppe (Designer: Casablanca)


TUXES: Milbern Clothing


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Lauren was a source of laughter and comfort all day. She captured our love so beautifully.


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