Karen and Matt | Rice Creek North Regional Trail | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Karen and Matt get the Best Balance award of 2019. Seriously! Ice covered nearly every walking path we took while taking their engagement photographs and they didn’t fall…not even once! I had a few stumbles but thankfully we all walked away unharmed.

Right off the bat I knew Karen, Matt, and I were going to get along famously. We chatted about the silliest of things, bonded over our mutual love and affection for coffee, and all agreed that men with the name Matt were pretty dope (my guy’s name is Matt too).

Karen and Matt will be getting married in the Fall and they wanted to have engagement photos taken in winter. So on a not so cold but kind of blustery day, the three of us met up, said a little “don’t fall and break ourselves” prayer, and let the magic happen.


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Working with Lauren was easy breezy and FUN! She gave us our most treasured photos ever!


Lauren was a source of laughter and comfort all day. She captured our love so beautifully.


Lauren was an absolute DREAM to work with! We had so much fun!


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