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You said yes to the dress, you found the perfect shoes, and now you’re on the quest to find those oh so special bridal accessories. We’re talking earrings, necklaces, and bracelets – all of the items that will complete your wedding day look.

But you don’t want just any jewelry. You don’t want jewelry that a hundred other brides will wear on their weddings, right? You want bling that’s just as unique and one-of-a-kind as your ring and your dress. In other words, you want custom designed pieces, hand-crafted by individuals who care about you.

You’re in luck! Why? Because I’m sharing my personal favorite accessory vendors with you!

I have several pieces from both of these artists and will be going back to them again and again and again.

Let’s dive in:

Lauren Baker Photography Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities Minnesota wedding photographer

Kay Vogel Design

One of my favorite local accessory vendors is Kay Vogel Design (formerly Auntie Kay’s Accessories). Kay – one of the sweetest humans you’ll ever meet – makes custom Swarovski Jewelry that adds a little sparkle in your life.

She creates earrings, necklaces, and bracelets and always accepts custom requests. Her work is both fun and classic so it’s ideal for people of all ages.

Lauren Baker Photography Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities Minnesota wedding photographer

I’ve personally worked with Kay as both a vendor and a client and can vouch for her professionalism, sweet and caring heart, and artistic integrity. I’ve even gifted a pair of her sparkly beauties to my boyfriend’s mother for Christmas last year and they were a huge hit. Further proof that Kay’s work will get you all of the compliments. And who doesn’t want that on their wedding day?!

Lavender Crush

Another accessory artist I love is Lavender Crush. Bridgette, the badass owner of Lavender Crush, lives in California and has a whimsical, bohemian take on bridal accessories.

Each piece in all of her collections is made with positive energy and includes metals and/or stones that radiate specific energetic and healing properties.

For example, this Laguna Layered Necklace, which would be a perfect bridesmaid necklace, is made with a Herkimer diamond. This is a stone of healing, attunement, and ascension to a higher vibration + mental state and lays close to your heart, allowing you to thoroughly absorb its healing vibrations.

Lauren Baker Photography Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities wedding photographer bridal accessories

Any Lavender Crush piece would be perfect for the laid-back, adventurous bride and her bridesmaids. And they can be mixed and matched, too. One of my favorite combinations is the Audra Mini Opal Necklace, the Charlotte Opal Bracelet, and the Kauai Earrings. Not only are they pretty enough to wear on your wedding day, they’re also perfect for everyday wear!

Lauren Baker Photogrpahy Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities Minnesota wedding photographer Lavender Crush

And want to one more reason why I recommend Lavender Crush? Because they also believe in giving back to others! A portion of each sale does to The Art of Yoga Project, a charity that focuses on early intervention to help marginalized and justice-involved girls prepare for a positive future. The Art of Yoga Project sends specially trained yoga teachers, art therapists, creative arts and writing educators into facilities to deliver mindfulness-based curriculum to at-risk, exploited and incarcerated girls.

I do love a brand that not only talks the talk but also walks the walk of supporting and empowering women and young girls!

Regardless of where you get your bridal accessories, please make sure you do this one thing. Love on yourself! Choose items that make you feel like the queen you are!

And if you can’t make up your mind between two pairs of earrings or five necklaces…treat yo’self! Get them all and try each on with your wedding gown (just remember to keep those tags on so you can return any piece you don’t end up using).


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