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Bridal and groom detail photos – you love them, you need them, you gotta have them!

But what do you need to gather so your photographer can make your detail photos the envy of brides and grooms everywhere?

Custom Dress Hanger

Many photographers these days come to a wedding with a styling kit, and in that kit, they likely have a pretty hanger for your dress photos. If you’d like to add a personal touch to your dress photos, bring a hanger of your own with your new last name on it. To find one at a reasonable price, check out Etsy. One of my favorites artists is Simply Chelsea Design Co

Lauren Baker Photography Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities wedding photographer

Ring Box

Another item that brings up the envy quota are pretty ring boxes. I’m sure you’re familiar with The Mrs. Box, those cute, velvet boxes you can monogram with your initials. They come in all sorts of colors and can add a personal touch to your detail photos. If a Mrs. Box is a bit outside of the budget, Etsy has several shops with similar velvet boxes at a fraction of the price. Get one (or two) in your bridal colors to keep a cohesive color theme throughout your detail photos. If you’re not a velvet kind of bride, check out these cute wooden boxes

Lauren Baker Photography Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities wedding photographer

Extra Floral and Greenery

An often-overlooked aspect of detail photos is extra floral and greenery, and I’m not talking about your bouquet. Ask your florist to bring extra flowers and greenery he or she used in your bouquet for your photographer to use for your detail photos. Those add a touch of sophistication and help to fill the negative space in your detail photos.

PRO TIP: Have your florist deliver your bouquet and extra florals where you’re getting ready and have them there BEFORE your photographer arrives.

Lauren Baker Photography Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities wedding photographer


If you choose to wear perfume on your big day, put your perfume bottle with the items you collected for your detail photos. It’s classy and oh so chic (and a hidden item that contributes to your day).

Lauren Baker Photography Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities Midwest Minnesota wedding photographer Showit United 2019

Invitation Suite

Pack an invitation suite or two especially if items in your suite have a back to them. 

Lauren Baker Photography Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities wedding photographer

The Obvious: Jewelry, Dress, Shoes

Earrings, necklace, bracelet, anklet, your special hairpiece or veil. Gather them all together and put them in a small box or pouch so they don’t get lost. No need to include jewelry you wore at your rehearsal or grooms dinner; your photographer only needs the jewelry you plan to wear during your wedding.

Lauren Baker Photography Minneapolis Saint Paul Twin Cities wedding photographer

Put It All Together

Gather all of your detail items and put them in one centralized place before your photographer arrives. And as soon as your coverage time begins, your photographer will have everything she needs, gathered in one spot, and will be able to start taking photos.

PRO TIP: Put all loose items in boxes or bags and put all of thoseboxes or bags in one large, easy to carry box. Your photographer will find a spot with the best natural light to photograph your details and bring your detail items there. Make it easy on her by making it possible to carry everything in one trip. The more trips she makes to bring your items to the best light, the less time she’ll have to photographing those items (aka you’ll get fewer and less creative photos).


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