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It’s been about a month since my wedding and I thought it would be a good time to tell you all about the gifts I gave my VIPS.

Matt and I didn’t have a wedding party to speak of – even before COVID we hadn’t intended to have one – but we still had people who put a lot of effort into our day that we wanted to recognize.

But what would I gift and where would I get them from when even the simple task of shopping seems more than a little risky?

The answer was so simple: Groovy Guy Gifts and Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique!

For my sister, I gifted her a personalized tumbler from Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique. She’s a doctoral fellow and spends most of her time at the lab so I felt that it was important to give her something practical but also cute. I have a matching personalized tumbler and thought she’d love one of her own. Spoiler alert: she loves it!

personalized tumbler from Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique

For my brother, I gave him the Minimalist Wallet from Groovy Guy Gifts. Living in NYC, my brother bikes everywhere so I thought this would be a hip and useful tool (can you tell my sibs and I value function and practicality as much as style?). The kicker, that I didn’t know about until he opened his gift, what was that he needed a new wallet! Win!

Minimalist Wallet from Groovy Guy Gifts. Living

And finally, for my sister’s long-time boyfriend, I got him the Altered Carbon personalized knife. He and my sister just moved from Boston, MA to Madison, WI so this gift was kind of tongue-in-cheek as I think every midwesterner should have a pocket knife. He loved it so much he was showing it off to everyone at the wedding!

Altered Carbon personalized knife from Groovy Guy Gifts

And these are the only options for wallets or knives. Groovy Guy Gifts have so many wallet and knife options to choose from!

Function plus style at an affordable price point, that’s why I love these two companies so much. And it’s why I think everyone should check them out for any of their gift giving needs!

*Sponsored by Groovy Guy Gifts + Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique


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