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Asha and Charlie had a quaint ceremony at St. Anne’s Chapel in White Bear Lake, MN on an early, sunshiny September afternoon. 

The couple met when they were in 2nd grade and has been dating since Jr. High. The two are so cute and in love it was hard to keep from saying “awwww!” every five minutes.

Charlie was pretty sneaky with his proposal. He had told Asha’s younger sister and the two concocted a devious plan. Asha and Charlie had just moved and her sister asked if she could come over to see the new digs. Being the gracious host, Asha gave her sister a tour of the house while Charlie set up his proposal. The tour concluded in the basement and upon coming upstairs the girls found Charlie with roses, a ring, and a question. Asha said yes! 

On their wedding day, Asha and Charlie were all smiles. Holding hands, sneaking glances, and giggling under their breath. They may of started the day with some nervous but after their first look at Tamarack Nature Center they were as excited as two kids in a candy shop!

May their future be wonderful, blissful, and full of happiness. I can’t wait to photograph them in the future!

CEREMONY VENUE: St. Anne’s Chapel
PHOTOGRAPHER: Lauren Baker Photography

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    Working with Lauren was easy breezy and FUN! She gave us our most treasured photos ever!


    Lauren was a source of laughter and comfort all day. She captured our love so beautifully.


    Lauren was an absolute DREAM to work with! We had so much fun!


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