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Bridal detail photos…we’ve all seen them on Instagram and have probably pinned a butt-load of pretty photos of wedding dresses, ring photos, and flat lays on Pinterest.

I for one LOVE taking these photos but I’ve found that oftentimes they get over looked in the chaos of the wedding day. You’ve put so much thought into what jewelry you’re going to wear, the design of the invites you sent out to your guests, and the flowers you’ll be holding and I want to capture those details for you. I mean…you spent money on all of those things and they’re part of your wedding story so it *should* be documented, right?

So, how can you ensure that your details get photographed? 

That’s a great question! 

In previous years, I asked my couples to bring me their invites to the wedding and I ran from room to room collecting all of their detail items as soon I arrived to the venue. Lemme tell you…most couples forgot their invites (their minds were thinking about all of the other more important things that day) and I wasted precious time searching for every last detail item that I could have used photographing those items.

Now, I have all of my couples mail me their printed materials BEFORE their wedding. That’s right. SNAIL MAIL BEFORE THE WEDDING! I have couples mail me their invites, save the dates, programs…everything. Doing this ensures that I have every, single printed item they created for their wedding and can therefore include them in their detail photos.

I also tell my couples to put the rest of their detail photo items in a box or bag that I can easily transport to the location where I want to take their detail photos. Things like the rings, jewelry, shoes, letters you or your fiancé wrote, etc. Again, having everything in one place makes your photographer’s life easier and allows them to be more efficient with their time.

So…what do you need to collect for your bridal detail photos?

Again, I’m so glad you asked!

Because I believe in making all of our lives easier (and because I love you all so much) I’ve created a checklist of everything you should collect to get Pinterest-worthy detail photos. Can I get a “Heck yeah!” 

To get that FREE checklist, click the link below!! 

Get Pinterest-worthy detail photos!

Every, single item you’ll need to get Pinterest-worthy bridal detail photos. Download this free checklist!!

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