What you need to know about putting on boutonnieres

Now that we’re officially in the thick of wedding season, I thought we should discuss an often forgotten-about-until-it’s-too-late subject: how the HECK do you put on those darn boutonnieres?!

If you’re reading this, don’t worry…you’re in good company. I’m pretty confident when saying no one actually knows how to do this because at EVERY. SINGLE. WEDDING. I’ve ever photographed, someone Google’s, “How to put on a boutonniere.”

So, let’s put the subject to rest once and for all in 6 easy steps.

Step 1):

Take the boutonniere out of it’s packaging. Your florist likely has them individually wrapped and packed in a cooler to keep them fresh.

Step 2:

Boutonnieres go on the LEFT lapel with the flower facing TOWARDS you. It should be placed in the middle of the lapel just below the widest section.

If you’re not wearing a jacket, again, don’t worry…the rules still apply for shirts, vests, blouses, and dresses. 

If you’re looking for a more “traditional” approach to securing your bout, place it through the buttonhole and fasten it with the boutonniere latch that’s built into the back of the lapel. A NOTE: Many suits no longer have this feature.

Step 3:

Your boutonniere should come with one or two pins. Hold the flower in place and pin starting from the back of the lapel. The pin will go through the lapel.

Step 4:

Diagonally, pin the bout through the thickest part of the flower.

Step 5:

Continuing the diagonal angle, push the pin back through the lapel. Both the beginning and end of the pin should rest on the back of the lapel. 

Step 6:

Do the shake test. Ok…so you don’t have to literally shake or jump up and down…just make sure your boutonniere is 100% secure and won’t fall off. 

And now you’re good to go!!


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