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I’m so lucky to be able to share a guest blog post from my friends over at Event Supply Shop.

They reached out to me and asked if my readers would find a post about doing a DIY wedding and I said, “Um…HECK YEAH!”

So, without further ado…

How to Design the Perfect DIY Wedding

Planning a DIY wedding can be stressful. However, there are a lot of ways to create the perfect DIY wedding if you follow all the necessary steps and stay organized. Here are some helpful tips that we learned throughout the process to ensure your big day goes as smooth as planned.

1. Optimize your space as much as possible

In order to use your space efficiently, you need to think about how the flow of your night will go. For example, where will the dancing occur? You might consider placing the bar near the dance floor in order to lure more people onto the dance floor. #Liquidcourage

2. Decorate with simplicity

Stick to one theme and keep consistency. You’d be surprised at how awesome a wedding can look with limited design but a clear, simple concept. You’ll end up saving money by limiting the number of decor items surrounding you, too.

3. Choose chairs and tables that match the theme

You may not know it, but chairs and tables are pretty important especially at the wedding reception. People end up sitting in them for 3 hours! These can actually make or break your guests’ experience. Make sure the tables are designed in a way that promotes conversation.

4. Centerpieces are the showcase

This is an established fact that centerpieces steal much of the attention in your reception room. They enhance the look of your reception and make people feel grand upon arriving. Consider using flowers plus lighting to create an intimate setting for your wedding.

Some design tips: A centerpiece can be a shiny crystal hanger or even a simple glass jar that has flowers in it. It is up to your overall decoration, whether you should go for something flashy or something simple.

5. DIY Fairy String lights

These fairy string lights are made out of copper wires and can be a great tool for decoration during your wedding reception. These are very inexpensive and can be used in a variety of ways. You can place them as a centrepiece or also on the wall near the dance floor.

6. Ceremony location needs focus

Where you have your ceremony is exceedingly important. We know it’s your special day, and you can choose anything you want, but consider a venue that is also convenient for your guests to arrive to. You want as many people to show up after all! Don’t turn off guests by having the wedding in a too remote area.

A couple often over looked tips:

  • If you anticipate out of town guests, find a venue that is located within city limits.

  • If everyone is local, stay local! No need to bring everyone to a remote location. You can save so much money by doing so.

  • By having your ceremony close to your reception venue, you save on extra expenses like travel, trolley, limousines, and more. Pro tip: try to choose a ceremony location that fits the theme of your reception venue.

There are plenty of ways to design a DIY wedding. You can also try to create something completely out of the ordinary by creating your own theme. We always love going to weddings that have been designed like nothing else ever done before! Let your imagination run wild!

What are some of your favorite DIY tips for creating the perfect wedding? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Author Bio: Event Supply Shop is where DIY-ers, penny pinchers with a flair for high-quality, and event planners get their products. Event Supply Shop will be here for all of your event needs. Our blog helps newly-engaged couples plan the perfect future together.


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