Bridal Skincare: Your Guide to Glowing Skin (Part 3)

The final part of our skin series is all about stress. We all know stress and hopefully don’t love it.

When planning your big day, have people you trust help take the load off your shoulders so you aren’t super stressed out all the time. Now, we know that avoiding stress is impossible, but being chronically anxious or stressed can cause some serious skin issues.

 Stress is annoying in so many ways…like when it leads to breakouts. Stress is annoying in so many ways…like when it leads to breakouts.

Stress manifests differently in everyone. It may cause you to see deeper wrinkles, changes in skin tone and texture, acne, hair loss, or even eye twitching. It unbalances your hormones, and can significantly age your skin. One thing is certain, stress releases cortisol, which causes more hormones to be in the body and that can lead to pimples so it’s needless to say that stress is a huge skin aggravator!

Stress can also throw off the balance between good and bad bacteria in your gut. When your gut is unbalanced, it will show in your face. We want to keep that balance so your skin remains looking nice and even.

We’ve all been told that stress can age you. In fact, it can age you by at least 5 years! And there’s no cream or serum that will reverse that. So take time every day to do deep breathing exercises and get some form of physical exercise. You could even try meditation!

So, if you don’t want to see a breakout on your face on your big day try as best as you can to manage your stress as best you can. Go to the spa, relax with a good book, and delegate delegate delegate!

 Danielle, DutcherEsthetics Danielle, DutcherEsthetics

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