Prepping For Your Engagement Session

First of all, let me say a huge CONGRATS! You’re about to embark on an exciting new chapter in your life and I for one am so excited for you!

Now that that’s out of the way, prepping for your engagement session can be a little stressful. Where do we go? What do I wear? What does he wear? There are probably a number of other questions going through your mind but have no fear, I’m here to help. 

When prepping for your engagement session there are a few things to keep in mind: this session is supposed to be fun and fancy-free. We get to play, get a little silly, and figure out how we all work together. This is the session where you learn what you can expect from me on your wedding day and where you learn that you’re in great hands.

Okay, down the the nitty-gritty. 

Once you’ve booked your session, you’ll need to start thinking about location. Is there a special place of significance to you and your honey? Are you outdoorsy and want to showcase that in your photos? Do you want to shoot in the city or in the country? All of these are important questions to ask yourself.

Now that you’ve selected where you want your photos to take place, here are some other tips to make sure you’re 150% prepared for your session.

OUTFITS: The number one most important thing with regards to outfits is to make sure you’re comfortable in your clothing. If you’re uncomfortable it will show in your photos and you will not be happy with them. Second, and this is just my opinion, but I would stay away from matching. Instead, coordinate your outfits. Avoid patterns, logos, writing, and other such distractions on your clothes, too. While this rule can be broken, solids are usually safer and photograph better. Layers work nicely and can double as a fast outfit change. Lastly, if you can’t narrow down your outfit choices…bring them all! We can always decide together which outfits to use at your session.

PREP YOUR GROOM: Your groom may be a total pro in front of the camera but for those who aren’t, you should prepare him on what to expect well before for your session. Show him a few of your favorite engagement session photos and explain why you like them and why they’re important to you. Comment on how they’re “belly to belly” or “forehead to forehead” or “how he’s nuzzling her with his nose.” Show him that he won’t just be smiling at the camera and showing your ring off. Guiding him in this way should help relive his shock when I ask him to get super close and cuddly with you.

RELAX, HAVE FUN, AND TRUST ME: Remember, this is supposed to be fun! You’re taking photos to document a special moment in your life and to celebrate the love you and your fiancé have for each other. Know that your I or any other photographer you might work with doesn’t expect you to be a pro. Everyone takes a bit of time to warm up to the camera so just relax, lean into the potentially awkwardness of the first 15 minutes, and have fun! Trust that I’ve got your best interests at heart and that I’m only going to ask you to do something because I believe it will produce a photo you’re going to love.

Location and time: Do you and your fiancé have a special place? Do you enjoy being outdoors or are you homebodies? These questions will help us select a location for your engagement session. As for when in the day to shoot — I prefer shooting 2 hours before sunset or 2 hours after sunrise. Whenever possible, I avoid shooting during “peak sun” times (between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.).  The sun is above head and creates lots of shadows…and trust me, no one wants raccoons eyes in their photos. Also, and this should go without saying but…PLEASE BE ON TIME! I realize things happen but please do your best to arrive on time. 

I hope these tips help! Now, shake it off, get ready for some fun, and let’s take some amazing photos together!


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    How do we even start to say thank you for all the work and effort you put into our wedding day?

    - Josie and Scott

    Lauren played such a meaningful role in our wedding, capturing the day in photos that we'll look back on for the rest of our lives. She kept Scott and me calm and sane - Lauren is a miracle worker! She put in 100% effort and gave us her very best, and that means so much to me. Seeing our photographs makes me so excited and so happy that Lauren was with us on this journey.

    Lauren made the process so easy and made us feel so comfortable!

    - Amy and Luke

    We just wanted to say thank you again so much for your amazing work. You were seriously incredible to work with and we loved the locations you suggested for both our engagement shoot and the spots in Stillwater. We were very worried about getting professional photos done since we had never done it before, but you made the process so easy and made us feel so comfortable. Thank you!

    Working with Lauren was easy breezy and FUN! She gave us our most treasured photos ever!


    There was a chunk of time in our wedding planning when we thought we'd go without a professional photographer to save on cost (terrible idea!) but once we met with Lauren, we knew we'd be in good hands. She checked in often and asked questions that got us thinking about other parts of the wedding that we probably would've missed. Lauren captured exactly who we are as a couple!

    Lauren's enthusiasm and passion make the photo-taking process so fun – she made me feel like a star!

    - Alisa AND Adam

    Lauren and her team are so much fun to work with! She made us feel so comfortable on the day of our wedding, providing both silly and helpful cues to help us relax and be ourselves in our photos. Lauren’s background in dance is super helpful in recognizing simple posture changes that make a big difference, too. Oh, and the photos we got are just stunning!

    Lauren was pivotal in making our wedding day perfect!

    - Emma AND Erik

    My husband and I looked FOR MONTHS to find the perfect photographer and after meeting Lauren we knew was the best fit for us. She made our day so much fun and easy. She found little opportunities to make the perfect photo all with a  calm ease that comes from someone who has an artistic eye along with experience in understanding the flow of a wedding.

    Not only is Lauren an amazing human being, but she is an awesome photographer!

    - Haley AND Erick

    I've been in several weddings and have worked with a multitude of photographers and I never felt as confident as I did with Lauren. I love how professional she is. She helped with the timeline way in advance and we stuck to that timeline the day of. She was also able to professionally and firmly keep unruly family members settled and focused and navigated family drama beautifully!

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